Here's just a small sampling of the candidates we've helped over the past year. Every candidate we help has their transformation made into a documentary video.


Sarah was the first ever candidate for I RISE. Sarah, a registered CNA, had been facing residual homelessness throughout her life. Upon reaching a level of stability, she had the unfortunate circumstance of her nursing client passing away, resulting in losing her main stream of income. Shortly after this, a bed bug infestation ruined her home environment. The financial burdens of her life began to pile up and led to her facing homelessness once again. I RISE was then able to step in and help Sarah move forward into a life of self-sufficiency.

Richmond, va

Terrill's story is that of an individual that has faced adversity all of his life. Terrill is currently being housed permanently and working to combat behavioral issues that are preventing him from moving forward in a self-sufficient manner.

richmond, va

I RISE interviewing our third candidate, Jamie, a 24 year old male. Jamie has experienced tragic loss over the course of his lifetime and yet still maintains an uplifting and positive attitude. We temporarily housed Jamie for a month and he is now living in an apartment with his cousin, employed, and working towards a brighter future.